We have a new RON service provider in town!

Hello World,

I am happy to share with you a gateway of opportunities that are manifested through hard work, professionalism, and coachability. Although this year has been filled with strange and empathetic events on a global level, I am here to inform you of a positively game-changing platform for our lives and industry! With excitement, I am here to present Atnotarize.com; a new RON (blockchain) platform that will soon rock everyone’s pants off! LOL, We are just taking off and we ask that you be patient with us.

Visit Atnotarize.com and see how it can help bring extra value to your business. Notaries you have a choice to be independent or work with the platform. As an independent notary, my #1 concern is always to service my client; therefore having more than 1 provider is imperative. A big shout out to all RON service providers that facilitate the way we work. My name is Leonor Gonzalez and I am the Florida Rep for Atnotarize.com. Let’s connect?