“Secured Notarization Act” No Cost To Taxpayers?

This is very pleasing to our ears. Continue to educate yourself, Ronnies. If you are a notary you can see more opportunities are becoming available. You may not realize it, but the industry is evolving faster than you thought. 

We at All City Notary & Administrative Services LLC (FRON)  are always learning and expanding our expertise in order to provide the best professional services to our clients.

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The deadline for switching to the redesigned Form 1003 is March 1, 2021

Wow! 4 more days and is a whole new month. Here’s a little reminder for those of us who work with loan documents.

Notaries stay woke:) As of March 1, 2001, you should only be seeing the new redesigned 1003.

Originators/Underwriters: https://singlefamily.fanniemae.com/originating-underwriting/new-desktop-underwriter-user-interface

All new loans dated on or after March 1, 2021, must be submitted using the redesigned URLA through the new UI. Users may continue to use the classic DU/DO UIs for existing casefiles dated prior to March 1, 2021, until they are retired on March 1, 2022.

Knowledge is Power, Fannie Mae has created the following key points.

The new 1003 form: https://singlefamily.fanniemae.com/media/7896/display

1. One-borrower form design (no more double columns)

If there is an additional borrower on the loan, you will see the additional borrower 1003 sheet attached to it.

2. Similar look to the Loan Estimate and CD.

3. Indication that a section is not applicable.  So if the section is blank, look for the box that says NOT APPLICABLE.  If it’s check then the section was meant to be blank and it wasn’t just forgotten.

4. More choices for asset, liability, and income types.


1. Loan and Property Information includes Other New Mortgages, , Proposed Rental Income, and Gifts or grants.

2. Additional Borrower Information 1003 FORM. (for joint applications)

The new Form has:

1. Larger Fonts

2. More Clarity on Current and Previous Housing

3. Easier to Read and Easier to enter information

4. More Space

5. More Clarity on Multiple Borrowers

6. Additional Contact Information.

7. There is no longer confusion as to who signs on top of the 1003.  Those signature lines are no longer there, however be mindful on Section 1 page 1, if the application is jointly, you need to have each borrower initial where it says TYPE OF CREDIT.

8. The borrower only signs on Section 6 of the application.

9. Section 7 is the Military Service and Section 8 is the demographic information sheet.

10. Section 9 is the loan originator information (to be completed and signed by the loan originator)


What is the Plan for Acquisition? Acquisition strategy requires the finding of an approach that creates value for the acquirer for the acquisition of target companies. The use of an acquisition strategy will prevent a management team from acquiring companies for which there is no clear path to a profitable result. Now more than ever companies are coming together to create an environment to benefit all parties in the transaction. We are seeing this more and more in the real estate industry.


At home, at work and in your community, you can get involved. Take action, help create a culture of privacy and support the theme of respecting privacy, protecting data and enabling trust on Data Privacy Day. This year, we are encouraging people to “Own Your Privacy” by learning more about how to help protect valuable online data and “Respect Privacy”

Test your knowledge. Check your online safety knowledge by taking a privacy or security quiz. Get started with the National Privacy Test and Google Phishing Quiz.

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Ms. Leo G. who has served her community for over 20 plus years, working with Florida notary laws, worked for several premium finance companies, owned a mortgage processing firm, Co-owned a small towing company, is a Certified Notary Signing Agent, worked as a closing coordinator and business development for a title company, as well as for a real estate broker, she loves real estate investing, taxes, P&C Insurance, document preparation.

In 2019 , 2 hours of ALTA, 6 plus hours of skilled training with Melissa….. and then All City Notary & Administrative Services created FRON. This is not counting #sidehustles folks. This lady is super humanitarian with many stories to tell. We all wear many hats, learn to switch them up! It’s time to wear your #RONHAT

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